Personal credit Truist

With Truist Personal Credit, you have access to several possibilities, includingmanagement of large expenses or debt consolidation to savemoney and time.


As well as, money can be used to pay for dream vacation, marriage,improvements in your home, among others.

That is, the first benefit is that the loan amount can be used in the way thatyou prefer.

It is also interesting to note that access to money occurs instantly,because credit is available at the time you need it.

Getting to know the company

Truist is a banking holding company that has more than 2,000 branches spread across 15 states.

The company emerged in 1872 and offers banking services to merchants andconsumers.


Therefore, in addition to Truist Personal Credit, it works with other services and products, includingother loan options.

According to the site, this is a “team united by our purpose, mission and values”.

In this way, everyone works together to take care of their customers.

As a result, the purpose is to inspire and build better lives and communities, such as,meet the needs of the clientele.

Key differentials of truist personal credit

  • Receives the amount in account on the same day
  • Count on quick approval;
  • Check fixed rates. That is, pay for the same installment amount every month;
  • Simulate and apply without leaving the house.

Who can get

Initially, be aware that you need to gather the following information to request:

Personal data and contact information such as a mobile number in the USA.

As well as, it is necessary to indicate the professional history and have 2 years of address.

Finally, the company needs financial information, including personal obligations,debts and monthly revenues.

For the bank’s customers, it is worth noting that your agent will provide guidance on thedocumentation that can help in the approval process.

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