Truist Personal Loan – How to Get

Advantages of Truist Personal Loan

First, know that the response to the Truist Personal Loan proposal issent quickly.


In some cases, it occurs in less than 15 minutes, and the value is released into accounton the same day.

On the other hand, know that you have the freedom to choose the best payment termin your case.

Also, know that through this mode, you do not need to offer any goodas collateral.

The minimum amount that can be obtained is $3,500, but there is no information on the amountmaximum offered.


Anyway, we should mention an interesting functionality of the site.

By clicking here, you can scroll to the part of “what will be the payments of myTruist’s personal loan”.

A little further down, it’s interesting that you add the amount of credit you need, inmonths present and the state in which it lives.

Accept the terms of use and tap “apply now”.

Thus, you provide more information about the credit, including fees, according to yourneeds.

Interest rates

The bank offers you the opportunity to adapt the credit according to your budget.

That way, you can choose an option with the type and rate that actually fits in your pocket.

Thus, the rate varies between 6.99% and 15.98% APR.

How to request

You must access the website to obtain the Truist Personal Loan, so fill in theform and be aware of your email.

It is important to be aware of the e-mail because it is through this medium that the company offers theinformation regarding the status of the process.

Also, be aware that you may receive a call if the company needs moreinformation to finalize the request.

But if you don’t provide the email or phone number, you need to visit an agency.

For those who are already a customer, there is also the possibility to call the call center(844-487-8478)