Destiny credit card: a no-annual-fee option with benefits

If you are in search of a credit card without an annual fee and packed with advantages, the Destiny Credit Card is an option worth considering.


This card offers a range of benefits to streamline your financial experience. Let’s explore the details that make the Destiny Card a compelling choice.

Attractive Benefits

The Destiny Credit Card is a true source of benefits, aiming to provide convenience and savings to its users.

  1. Destiny Points Program: Accumulate points with every purchase and exchange them for discounts on a variety of products and services from the bank’s partners. From airfare to fuel, your points open doors to incredible rewards.
  2. Protection Against Theft and Cloning: With the Destiny Card, security is a priority. In cases of theft or cloning, the cardholder is not responsible for unauthorized purchases, providing additional peace of mind.
  3. Travel Insurance: For those who love exploring new destinations, the Destiny Card offers comprehensive travel insurance. Medical, dental, and repatriation expenses on international trips are covered, ensuring a smooth journey.
  4. Fuel Discounts: Destiny Card users enjoy exclusive discounts, potentially saving up to 20% on refueling with Shell Box.
  5. Auto Insurance Discount: Additionally, the Destiny Card provides special discounts on auto insurance from Banco Destiny, making vehicle protection more accessible.

Additional Facilities

In addition to the mentioned benefits, the Destiny Card offers facilities that make card usage even more convenient.

  1. Virtual Card: A secure option for online purchases, the Destiny Card’s virtual card enhances security in digital transactions.
  2. Expense Control: Through the card’s application, users can closely monitor their expenses and set limits, providing effective financial control.
  3. Instant Notifications: The Destiny Card application keeps users informed, sending notifications about purchases and other card-related activities.

Card Options

The Destiny Credit Card offers different options to meet the specific needs of users:


  1. No Annual Fee: Ideal for those seeking essential benefits without additional costs, such as point accumulation and discounts on Shell Box.
  2. Gold ($99.90/year): A more premium option, offering the same benefits as the No Annual Fee version, plus access to Mastercard Black VIP lounges at airports and travel insurance.
  3. Platinum ($299.90/year): Maintaining the benefits of Gold, this option adds features such as patrimonial protection insurance and purchase protection insurance.
  4. Infinite ($399.90/year): The elite option, including all Platinum benefits and offering advantages like Platinum travel insurance and international travel protection insurance

Requirements and Application

To obtain the Destiny Credit Card, one must meet some basic requirements.

Generally, interested individuals should be over 18, provide proof of income, and have a good credit history.

The application process is straightforward and can be initiated easily on the bank’s website or through the helpline.